A unified platform that connects patients, families & doctors

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Location based services



Patient relationship management

Practice management

Current users: 46,000+

Moxie for Family Users

Personal network Support

Engage with Doctors

Manage Family health & Records

Healthcare Services on demand

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Moxie for Doctors


A complete healthcare ecosystem for patients and providers.

Device Agnostic

Supports any device, anywhere, anytime connectivity.


HIPPA compliant with industry best practices.

Easy to use

The platform is easy to use and secure.

Doctor's Testimonials

Connect on any device

ONE app for all healthcare needs

Secure and compliant practices

Award Winning platform for you

Why Moxie


The Moxie Solution


Moxie is a digital platform encompassing the complete healthcare ecosystem. It is a unified cloud-based platform that connects families, doctors, pharmacies, and labs. Moxie is designed for a mobile-first population. It has a built-in support for low or no network conditions!



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