Make effective engagements with patients

Increase Patient Care & Communications

Grow Patient Network


Reimagine Patient Engagement that helps you achieve better clinical outcome & growing patient network. It also allows your patient to connect with you digitally.

Improve your Efficiency


Work Smartly with digital tools that improve your efficiency.

High Tech Capabilities


A Platform that can be accessed from anywhere on any mobile, tab or laptop.  With Adaptive learning & offline access you can focus on patient without getting distracted.

Patient Engagement

Run message campaigns in your patient network. Active Follow-ups, e-consulting and  case referrals give ability to serve your patient better.

Digital OPD

Start with appointment diary and work with self-learning prescription format. Billing & historical records at ease. Your assistant can also do admin work.


Design your own research proforma & build data as you see patients. Generate important reports like Billing, referrals & Research data.

Security & Privacy

Set access for people not to disturb you. Manage Assistants, Clinic as per your need.

Doctor's Testimonials


The Moxie Solution


Moxie is a digital platform encompassing the complete healthcare ecosystem. It is a unified cloud-based platform that connects families, doctors, pharmacies, and labs. Moxie is designed for a mobile-first population. It has a built-in support for low or no network conditions!



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