Suitable for nursing homes and hospitals

Moxie Telemedicine system can be used for hospitals, nursing homes with your own brand name, without any I.T infrastructure.
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Trusted by nursing homes and hospitals all across India

Create your own customized website

with Telemedicine and OPD system

Digital Platform

With moxie convert your hospital or nursing home website to offer digital services, including EMR, telemedicine, OPD, IPD and mobile app.


Telemedicine Platform

Moxie helps you to maintain your brand identity. Create your own brand telemedicine system with your own name and logo.

OPD Solution

Moxie also provides opd solutions for clinics and hospitals, manage queues, opd appointments, EMR etc.


More Features



Moxie provides proper analytics of your clinic or hospital, so you can monitor your progress and make changes accordingly.


Online Appointments

Patients can book their appointments directly through your website for OPD and telemedicine.


Digital Payments

Receive payments from your patients, through your own payment gateway.



Write and manage electronic medical records, on moxie portal. Also send discharge summary to your patients.


Manage Pharmacy

Moxie also provides features to manage your pharmacy inventory easily and more efficiently.


Admin Activities

Moxie provides a suite of solutions for pharmacy, billing and analytics.

Modernize your Hospital with us

Easy, Affordable, and Simple