Consult from anywhere

Consult from the comfort of your home or office, no need to visit your doctor physically.

Consult from Anywhere
No Downloads Required

No downloads required

No need to download another app on your smartphone, you can directly book your appointment through your doctor’s personalized link.

Patients data is encrypted

Patients data is encrypted and so no need to worry about your information being leaked.

Data Encrypted

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Patient Testimonials

What other patients are saying about Moxie?

Mr. Ajay Kumar

"Moxie is really helpful, I can consult from anywhere."

Mr. Ajay Kumar

Mrs. Neena

"Now I don't need to maintain previous prescriptions it is already available in app."

Mrs. Neena

Mr. Vikas Patel

"I can easily track my body vitals which is very helpful."

Mr. Vikas Patel

Mrs. Akash Bhat

"I feel connected to my doctor through moxie app."

Mrs. Akash Bhat

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