Practitioner/Provider Benefits

  • Standard tier with available upgrade tiers
  • Increased business
  • Increased office performance
  • Easy interface for you and your patient to use
  • Simple scheduling
  • A solution to the economic challenge posed by retail health clinics and practitioners that operate exclusively online
  • Improved clinical results as a consequence of greater treatment follow-through
  • Fewer cancellations and postponed sessions
  • Private payer reimbursement
  • SPA (Service Provider Agreement) included Patient Benefits

  • Always free to use
  • Time spent away from work is reduced
  • There are no travel costs, parking fines, or time requirements
  • Reduced interference with responsibility for infant or elder care
  • No delays or dangerous travel due to bad weather
  • Shortened wait times
  • Complete and secure privacy
  • Expands the number of specialists that can be consulted, even those who reside farther away
  • There is no interaction with other (potentially contagious) patients
  • No Downloads with

Telemedicine increases access to care

Distance and travel time between patients and care providers can limit access to care. Fortunately, telemedicine can overcome geographic barriers to healthcare, especially for specialized providers. Telemedicine can be particularly beneficial for patients in medically underserved communities and those in rural geographical locations where clinician shortages exist.

Telemedicine improves quality of care delivery

Telemedicine can improve the quality of care for patients with both medical and mental health conditions. A recent study showed that with telemedicine, patients had:

  • 38% fewer hospital admissions
  • 31% fewer hospital re-admissions
  • 63% more likely to spend fewer days in the hospital
  • Were more engaged in their healthcare

Telemedicine reduces healthcare costs

Telemedicine can increase efficiency of care delivery, reduce expenses of caring for patients or transporting to another location, and can even keep patients out of the hospital. In fact, one study showed that telemedicine care had 19 percent savings over inpatient care cost.

Telemedicine enhances traditional face-to-face medicine

A strong doctor-patient relationship is the foundation for high-quality patient care and reducing health care costs. Telemedicine should support, not replace, traditional care delivery. With telemedicine care providers can continue to care for patients in-person care while still providing the flexibility and convenience of seeing patients remotely for follow up visits, check-ups, and education when appropriate or necessary.

Telemedicine Improves Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a method of collecting diagnostic and other types of health data from patients in one location and safely transmitting the data to health care facilities in another location for evaluation and recommendations. This form of service allows a provider to keep better track of a patient’s healthcare records once they’ve been discharged from the hospital, minimizing the amount of hospitalizations, readmissions, and periods of stay—all of which tend to enhance quality of life and keep prices down. Analytic and information technologies can capture vital signs, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, and electrocardiograms, among other things.

Telemedicine improves patient engagement and satisfaction

Telemedicine makes it easier and more convenient for patients to stay healthy and engaged in their health care. PatientsM love the convenience, flexibility and real-time care with their providers.

Telemedicine improves provider satisfaction

Being a healthcare provider today can be challenging and stressful at times. Telemedicine can improve job satisfaction by making it easier to meet with patients. Providers can use telemedicine to make it easier to balance their work and family life.

Overall Benefits and Advantages of Telemedicine

Telemedicine increases the standard of clinical care while also making care more accessible to a wider range of individuals. Telemedicine improves the performance, coordination, and accessibility of health care. makes telemedicine simple and convenient to use for both practitioner and patient.

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